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My name is Yuanyi Zhao, if you think it is too difficlut to remember , you can call me Bei. I come from Sichuan, China. It’s a beautiful place.

I graduated from Southwest University in 2010, majoring in Advertising Strategy. I think it was my character led me to learn this major. I like indulging myself in idle fancy and wander in the world of imagination, which is exactly what advertising requires. During the process of study, I fall in love with this professtion and enjoy the feeling of fighting with my friends for a good advertisement. To reach a higher level and become a professional int the international society, I come here to continue studying advertising.

In my opinion, a good advertisement should be like a germ, which can influence its audience deep in their heart, making them happy, sad, depressed or even crazy. And that is the advertising’s amazing place as well. I plan to run a advertising agency, and there is one thing I need to mention, I have always promised to myself, I will spare some of my energy and time on public service advertisement in the future. So, if any of you have same plan, maybe we can cooperate.